Blast from the past #5 - Posing

October 2008, and a relatively uncharacteristic trip for us - invited by a friend and her then boyfriend for a few days of late sunshine in Malta.  Ryanair flight, cheap end-of-season hotel deal, you know the sort of thing.  Both the flight and the hotel were about what you'd expect for the price - pretty awful - but it turns out there's a lot to be said for hot sunny days in October, and it's always a pleasure to be in a faraway place with nothing more pressing to do than wander around and see what looks interesting. In this case, the Siege Bell War Memorial in Valletta, just up the hill over my left shoulder as I took this shot.

This trip also roughly coincided with me actually starting to think about photography - rather than just take pictures of stuff and hope it turned out alright - so while you might argue that going out with a camera and a pretty girl in interesting surroundings under bright blue sky counts as stacking the odds in your favour, to end up with something where I still love the colour and the composition five years later was something of an early win.