Blast from the past #8 - Diversion

Continuing the theme of stumbling across interesting places, this one is from May 2012, on the way back from the Lake District meeting.  After a weekend hanging around with a big group of riders, it was time to head for home, alone and luggaged up.  I'd made a vague plan to meander southwards through Yorkshire and into Derbyshire, but without laying out a specific route.  I only ended up on the road at the bottom of this valley because of a closure on the road I had been following, then spotted a 'Byway open to all Traffic' sign by a gate, and a stony trail leading off up the side of the valley.  Too tempting to resist.

It turned out to be a section of the Pennine Bridleway route, climbing up to this point before dropping back again to rejoin the tarmac road several miles south.  A thoroughly pleasant diversion.