Memories of America #9 - Final Preparations

A rainy morning (despite the appearance of blue sky) at the Hunt's Lodge Motorcycle Campground, just outside Tellico Plains, Tennessee, taking advantage of their covered picnic area to load the bike up for the first day on the Trans-Am Trail.

(It would, incidentally, continue to rain for the next couple of days)

I'd arrived the night before after a run down the Tail of the Dragon, and had a futile search round an apparently lifeless town for somewhere to stay before stumbling across this place.  $12 for the night suited me fine, so I pitched up before riding back to town for some highly nutritious (erm) fast food - in the process apparently making the girl behind the counter's day with my accent, although once again she thought it was Australian.  Also, impressively, I managed to carry a full paper cup of fizzy drink back to the campsite in one of the outside pockets of my panniers without spilling a drop.

As I was eating, a couple of lads turned up, one on an 800GS and another on a KLR650, having ridden up from Atlanta, Georgia.  Shortly afterwards the site owners invited us all down to the enormous campfire they'd just lit, where we swapped stories for a few hours before the rain started and chased us all to bed.

All campsites should be like this.