Memories of America #10 - Crossing Point.

This is from day 3 on the Trans-Am Trail, getting towards the end of the Tennessee section.  It's finally stopped raining, but now the water is in the rivers.  I'd been through quite a few crossings by this point, but this was something else.

I've just waded across, very carefully, with the camera in my pocket - the water only knee deep, but moving very fast, and with the concrete slippery underfoot.  I took a long time deciding whether to go through or backtrack.

Eventually, I fired up the engine, held my breath, and slowly inched into the water - no question of riding across, I walked alongside with the bike in first gear, trusting that, despite the water piling up against the engine cases, the front wheel wouldn't wash away downstream and dunk the bike under.

It felt like an age until the front wheel hit dry land on the near side.