Memories of America #8 - The Tail of the Dragon

Having spent a bit too long cruising down the Blue Ridge Parkway, I needed to get myself across the state line into Tennessee and the start of the Trans-Am Trail at Tellico Plains.  Stuck it into the GPS and ticked "Shortest Route".  Some time later...

"This is a pretty nice twisty bit of road"

"There seems to be a lot more bikes around than I've seen elsewhere.  They're not all Harleys either."

"I wonder..."

I was aware of the existence of the 'Tail of the Dragon', but hadn't really marked it down as a "must see", and although I knew it was somewhere in that part of the country, I wouldn't have known where to start looking for it.  Yet it seemed I might have found it by accident - a suspicion confirmed when I arrived at the Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort, where I stopped for a drink, the inevitable chat with strangers, and to buy a sticker before carrying on into Tennessee.

The hardest part was remembering that I was supposed to be nursing the knobbly tyres to the start of the TAT the next day.