Back in action

For the first time in a little over three months, I've just been for a ride on the Ténéré.

The original engine is back in, replacing the broken one which is now sat on the bench waiting for me to split the cases and find out what has actually broken - and then rebuild it so it can go back in the MT-03 from which it came.  That can wait though, after getting it fired up last night, and reassembling the last few bits this morning, it was time for a shakedown run in the sunshine - and of course I had to take in a local Byway and go for a quick splash in a ford.

Just in time too, because on Thursday the bike and I will be heading for Carlisle, to take part in the Centennial Rally, a three day forest rally organised by the All Terrain Rally Challenge to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first International Six Days Trial (later to become the International Six Days Enduro), which took place in Carlisle in 1913.