Memories of America #6 - Odd one out

I took this photo outside Blue Ridge Riders in Asheville, NC.  I'd been trying for a few days to get hold of a small bottle of engine oil to carry with me for chain lube and in case I needed to top up the engine at any point.  As it happened, they didn't have any, but the motor factors next door (C&H Auto Factors) did have a quart of 10w-40 bike oil, which was duly tucked into a pannier.

The Tenere looked somewhat out of place parked up with the rows and rows of Harleys and other cruisers, although that did mean it was a pretty good conversation starter wherever I stopped.  Apparently they don't see many Australians riding around on tatty, heavily loaded, monstrously tall trail bikes.

(To avoid confusing people who know me and misleading those who don't, I'm not Australian.  However for some reason a significant proportion of people I chatted to along the way thought I was.  I was left wondering whether it's that I do actually sound Aussie or if popular culture has so ingrained in the American public the notion that all Brits have posh Home Counties accents that, when they encounter an English speaker whose accent isn't American, Canadian, or Stephen Fry they just file them under 'Aussie'.)

Incidentally, the ladies apparently keenly browsing the assortment of Milwaukee iron on offer are actually mannequins.  I'm not sure if this was some sort of marketing tactic to lure in customers passing on the road, and indeed, what sort of customers.