Blast from the past #7 - The face is smiling...

...the shirt says "No Fear".  Neither of these things accurately reflect what's going on inside.

This picture of me was taken by Sarah, in March 2010, about half an hour before I started my first motorcycle race - a four hour Hare & Hounds somewhere near Stourport, organised by TBEC.  At this point my experience of riding dirt bikes was two and a half days of gentle trail riding at the 2009 HUMM, and a quick shakedown ride of the bike in the fields at my parents' place.  Needless to say I was a bit nervous.

Needlessly as it turned out.  Obviously, I was rubbish.  I had my first crash about two minutes in, and by the end had lost count - although the one where I lost the front on a tree root and dived into a muddy puddle sticks in my mind.  More or less all the photos Sarah took during the event show me sat down, bolt upright, and generally being overtaken by someone.  I had to stop half way round one lap because I thought I was about to be sick from the exertion.  The record shows me finishing 117th out of 144 starters.

I was hooked (and I did get slightly less rubbish over the rest of the season).