Blast from the past #10 - The start of something

A pair of Teneres, four years ago in January, somewhere in a wood in South Wales.  

The white one on the left belongs to friend Tom, who had bought it new a year earlier.  The black one on the right had been mine for all of a couple of hours, long enough to add thirty miles or so to the 2,866 its first two owners had racked up over the previous 11 months since its first registration in March 2009.

It turned five years old a week ago, passing its third MOT with flying colours and nearly 45,000 miles on the clock.  A lot's happened since then, and it's certainly not so shiny any more.

Back in action

For the first time in a little over three months, I've just been for a ride on the Ténéré.

The original engine is back in, replacing the broken one which is now sat on the bench waiting for me to split the cases and find out what has actually broken - and then rebuild it so it can go back in the MT-03 from which it came.  That can wait though, after getting it fired up last night, and reassembling the last few bits this morning, it was time for a shakedown run in the sunshine - and of course I had to take in a local Byway and go for a quick splash in a ford.

Just in time too, because on Thursday the bike and I will be heading for Carlisle, to take part in the Centennial Rally, a three day forest rally organised by the All Terrain Rally Challenge to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first International Six Days Trial (later to become the International Six Days Enduro), which took place in Carlisle in 1913.

Back in the Game

I'm spoiling the narrative a bit here since there's still a few bits of the build to be documented, but I'm quite excited (and relieved), so what the hell - a couple of hours ago, I rode the Tenere for the first time in two months, to the local MOT test centre, and returned with a pass certificate.

Of course, given I've not ridden for a while, the bike's been rebuilt from a bare frame, there's brand new brake pads, tyres, and various other bits that need bedding in, and it's now something like two and a half inches taller than a standard Tenere, I was glad that I had a nice warm Spring morning to ease myself back into it.


Still, I managed to make the journey there and back with no great drama, and for possibly the first time in my entire vehicle owning history passed an MOT test without even a single advisory.  In an amusing twist, I actually participated in the test myself, as the tester decided he wasn't tall enough to sit on it for the brake test.

The MOT certificate also reveals that I've done a mere 7,615 miles since the first of March last year, which is a bit disappointing, although unsurprising given the amount of time I've spent preparing it for the rallies last year, and lately for the US trip.  I expect the next twelve months (and indeed the twelve weeks that I'm in the US) to cover significantly more distance.

I'm now hoping the weather clears up a bit so I can put a decent shakedown mileage on it before, a mere three weeks from yesterday, it gets dropped off with the shipping agents to be boxed up and flown across the Atlantic.